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This is a late Nineties 300W powerhouse from McIntosh. The signature blue power meter is their immediate recognizable feature. The amp weighs a hefty 80lbs and delivers 300W per channel into 2-8 ohms. If you run it in mono, the power output doubles to 600W. This MC300 was the main amp that drove a pair of Focal speakers in its previous life. Now, it is ready for a new home and the power companion for a new pair of speakers. With the right speaker and front end, the MC300 will exude a sonic quality that belies its sub-$2,000 price tag, Its rich sound is a McIntosh hallmark. Bass was deep and authoritative with a warm midrange and sweetly rolled off highs. This is another classic McIntosh power amp in the making.

Cosmetically, the amp looks good for its age. Some scuff marks on the side panel and a patch of glue residue from a sticker previously paste there. Bulb seems to work fine now but no idea when it might need replacement. So keep that in mind when purchasing the amp. The bulbs are available from McIntosh for a couple of bucks so they are inexpensive to replace when the time comes. We have the original manual but not the box. We will securely double box it for safe shipping.