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This is Martin Logan’s most powerful subwoofer. As the top of the range subwoofer, it spots three 10″ aluminum woofers that are being driven by three 250W amplifiers inside. This allows it to dip down to 18Hz with slamming authority and a quickness that outpaces its other competing subwoofers. Much of this pace was a design pre-requisite since they are likely to be matched with their range of electrostatic speakers which in itself are very fast sounding speakers. As each of the three woofers fires off in their own direction, deep corner placement for this subwoofer is not advisable. Give it some space around it and the “volume” of the bass increases. If you find 12″, 15″ and even 18″ woofers sounding too boomy, “slow” and overwhelming, then you are looking at the right subwoofer for your usage. The Descent i is an impressively tight sounding subwoofer and hits the deep end with authority and impact. It will make a huge difference in your stereo and home theater system.

The top cover plate has some minor scratches (that is the area you depress to push up the cover) and some minor scuff marks here and there on the wood panels. Nothing major and for most of them, you would need to to look for it. We have the spikes for it but no original boxes. It will be securely packed for safe shipping. This is a heavy subwoofer and will be extra padded during shipping. Manual is available online. Grill covers are in good condition.