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Once in a while, the industry is introduced to a new product that basically churns the industry inside out. The Mark Levinson No40 was one such product. When it was introduced, everyone gawked at the $30,000 price tag. It was tremendously expensive and pushed the frontier of the AV processor to a realm where none or at best, a small few has ever been. The No40 was undoubtedly reserved for either the super rich or a home theater setup that even Spiellberg would be proud of. Technically advanced beyond its time, it was the Bugatti of all AV processors and preamps. Use it as a 2-channel preamp or AV processor, you would be amazed by its clarity both in sound and video. Setting up is a bit more time consuming than your regular sub-$5000 AV processor or AV receiver but then again, this is ultimately, Mark Levinson’s flagship AV component. So add some labor of love and patience and you will be richly rewarded. This particular model has the most desirable option – the HDMI input/output card installed. Rarely do you see a No40 come up for sale and even rarer will you find one that has the HDMI option installed.

We have the original remote, AC cords and copy of manual. No original boxes but will have them securely packed for safe shipping.