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No intro needed here. This is one of the finest sounding solid state amp for under $10,000. Pair any speaker with it and you will here the immense power behind it. And with that immense power, you will hear a larger, deeper and better defined soundstage. Bass was tighter with more authoritative control and the mids and highs were smooth and well extended. Compared to its older “3-series” amps (which were benchmark components in their own rights), the 532H shares many of the same attributes but with improved refinement and smoothness. Truly wonderful stuff.

Cosmetically, the heavy duty amp looks really good. The main and very common problem – cracked binding knobs on the speaker terminals. Both the “red” and “black” on “channel 1” was cracked and glued back together. The binding knobs on “channel 2” are fine. All four work with no issue and were able to securely tighten around the spades on our speaker cables. Just have to be extra ginger on the Channel 1 pair. Otherwise, the amp looks and performs like the mega power amp it was designed to be. Stereophile recommendation is enthusiastically endorsed by us! We do not have the original box but will securely double box it for safe shipping. Local pickup from our store welcomed.