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This is the “baby” Levinson amp in the “33x” series. The No.334 may be the “smallest” amp in the range with 125W per channel, it still packs a solid punch like its bigger brothers in the range (the No.335 is 250W and the No.336 is 350W). It is no light weight either with almost 112lbs that you would need to lift to put it in place. Once that is taken care off, sit back and enjoy the superior dynamics of a Mark Levinson amp. Bass slam was impressive and the detail retrieval was incredible. It made the 125W rating sound very conservative when we drove the amp with some of the speakers we have in the store.

The amp was recently updated (at the Levinson authorized service center in NYC) with the Levinson update kit which saw its caps and resistors replaced and had the amp bias back to original factory spec. The cost of the service – $2,400 (we have the receipt). So for the price of $2,995, it is a bargain for an amp of this caliber that will last another 12-15 years!

Cosmetically, it has some scuff marks here and there that is not too uncommon for this amp of this age. Sonically, it sounds as good as day one when it left the factory. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping. Pickup from our store is welcomed.