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Here is another reference level Levinson amp. Big on power (300W), big on size and big on weight (150lbs!). The No.333 was the “flagship” among a trio of “33x” series that included the No.331 and No.332. As the
“biggest” in the lineup, it puts out 300W per channel with ample reserve to drive even the most difficult of speakers. Dynamics was astounding with a clean, clear sound. Bass energy was over the top with a solid bottom end and tightly controlled response.

This unit was recently “overhauled” at the cost of nearly $2,700 at an authorized Levinson center in NYC. Even the speaker binding caps, which are prone to cracking when over tighten has been replaced. Now, this amp will last another 12-15 years.

Cosmetically, it has some scuff marks here and there and a few paint scrapes on the top cover (which can be easily touched up with a silver spray paint. We have the original box. Due to its weight, it will have to ship via freight or pickup.