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The last and most expensive of the Tympani series. The IVa is what legends are made off. Very low wife acceptance factor, big in size, heavy and a real workout in setting up. But once it is in place, the sweet reproduction of music will drown all your exasperation and the nagging from your significant other.This is where you interject and ask everyone in the room to be quite because these Maggies are the essence of what enjoying music is all about.

Speakers are in pretty good shape for its age. Some staining on the socks which may be removed with some carpet cleaner. We were told by the previous owner that sometime in its life, it was serviced by Magnepan. All six panels sounds amazing. No buzz and no flapping. We have the original boxes and feet (not shown in the pic) and will need to be shipped via freight for safe arrival. Pickup is warmly welcomed.