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The MG3.7 is the next best thing after the MG20.7. It was highly rated at the CES shows when it made its debut and much raved about by Stereophile Magazine and The Absolute Sound for its sound quality and “bargain basement” asking price. If you have never tried a planar speaker before, do yourself a favor and go hear one. The experience would truly enthralled you. The first thing you will notice is how “un-boxy” they sound. Soundtage and imaging is huge and deep with an airiness around it. Bass was a big surprise here because having owned the likes of the MMGs and MG1.6s, the MG3.7 had a resoundingly deeper bass. It may not exhibit the same tightness as cone drivers but in the right room and the right positioning, it would more than suffice except for the heaviest of bone shaking rock music. Which can be easily solved by adding a subwoofer (which many Maggie users have done).

Clearly, the best way to enjoy the MG3.7s was vocals, jazz and classical music. There are no other speakers that comes close to the scale and intimacy of enjoying a session with the MG3.7s. They are that good. This pair you see here is about 6 months old and in like new condition with all accessories and packaging. Color combination of dark cherry wood panels with black socks are the nicest looking and will easily fit in any home decor. These speakers would need a medium to large room to sound its best.

They will need to be shipped via freight for safe arrival. Pickup is warmly welcomed.