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The MG3.3r is still one of the best buys out there if you are looking for a pair of speakers that will give you goose bumps whenever you listen to them. If you have the right room size for them and your significant other is amazingly understanding to your audio needs, these Magnepans will blow you away. With vocals, no other speakers in this price range can give you the scale, depth and imaging like the Maggies. Bass was respectable enough and sufficient for most listening sessions and the highs were so sweetly rolled off you will never tire from extended listening to them. Compared to some of the newer models, this MG3.3r held its own and for the money, is worth every penny. Just make sure you have the room size to allow it to “breathe” and good amplification to properly “juice” them.

Color finish is a light cherry frame on cream socks. These speakers would need a medium to large room and fairly high powered amp (75W and up) to sound its best. Speakers have some slight scuff marks on the frame but nothing major and socks are in perfect condition. They were back to the factory for new socks and complete strip and rewire on the mylar in 2000 and then subsequently kept in a temperature controlled storage. Speakers will be shipped in their original boxes while the feets and crossover boxes will be shipped separately in their own boxes.

They will need to be shipped via freight for safe arrival. Pickup is warmly welcomed.