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This is probably the easiest way to get into the Linn sound in one package. The Classik is basically a CD player and integrated amp combined into one. Power output is a healthy 45W. Sound is unmistakably Linn especially when we had this paired with the Linn KAN speakers (which in itself will rival the Rogers LS 3/5 for much less money). Vocals were particularly surreal through this setup. The Classik is not for all genre of music especially heavy rock pieces or big tower speakers (unless they are very efficient and have an easy impedance). But pair with the right speakers and you will get a very “lifestyle” appealing setup with great sound.

Cosmetically, the unit is in very nice shape. Some scuff marks on the cover but nothing major. One of the tiny rubber stopper in the speaker jack is missing but that has no impact on functionality. Speaker wires with BFA connectors required. Original system remote included which is great if you decide to build a whole Linn system around it. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.