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The DC-2 here is the more “complete” version which had the DD, DTS and THX Surround EX option installed. Software version is V4.0 and is THX Certified for its highest performance rating. This unit will still trump over many current day AV processors in the sub-$500 category, which essentially is really the “starter” price range for a modest home theater setup. Setup is ridiculously simple because the presets were all ready and all you had to do was plugged it in and choose your settings. 30 mins top and you will be enjoying your movies. It may not have HDMI input to put through your HD videos but you can simply wire the HDMI direct to your TV for video and run a digital cable from the DVD or Blu-ray into the DC-2 to get DTS or DD playback.

Cosmetically, the unit is in pretty good shape. Minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. Original remote included. No original box or manual but we will securely pack this for safe shipping. 100-240V means this unit can be used anywhere in the World!