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The CP-3 is an oldie but goodie. In the face of newer processing capability for movie soundtracks from the newer AV processors, the CP-3 is no match. But for just an enjoyable session in good old movie watching experience (with Dolby Pro-Logic and its different hall matrixes) and music (it is actually a very good stereo preamp), the CP-3 is a seriously wonderful unit. The bang for the buck on the CP-3 is its music playback and the various matrix settings. Some people use the CP-3 as a cheaper option to play CDs in a multi-channel setting like how a multi channel SACDs would. So all-in-all, a nice piece to play around in your audio/video system.

Cosmetically, the unit is in pretty nice shape. Minor scuff marks and a bit of scratch on the rear corner but nothing major. Original remote included. No original box or manual (available online) but we will securely pack this for safe shipping.