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If you have not heard a Leon speaker before, do yourself a favor and go and listen to one. They are impressive sounding speakers. The Hz515-A has a respectable bass response (goes down to 62 Hz) from its four 5″ mid-woofers and three audiophile grade tweeters. The letter “A” that is added to model number denotes this audiophile grade tweeter which is the better model versus the regular Hz515 which only spots cloth dome tweeters. The Hz515-A speaker you see here is a 3-in-1 speaker. It incorporates the left, right and center channel speaker all in one enclosure. The speaker is designed to sit under a 55″ or bigger TV or mounted on the wall. If space is a constraint and you can’t put up three individual speakers or just want a clean, aesthetically clean look, than the Hz515-A speaker will be your choice. Dimension of the speakers are 55″x8″x7″ (Width, height and depth).

Cosmetically, there are some blemishes – a small ding on the edge and some paint scrapes here and there. They are not major and can be easily touched up if you choose to. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping. Mounting arm on the speakers will be left on.