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This is a super size center channel soundbar. It measures 60″ across and about 6″ tall and 6″ deep. Designed to be placed under a large screen TV set or projector screen, the Hz414 can deliver an impressive large sound presence. Bass may not be as deep as other channel speakers with larger woofers but add a subwoofer and the Hz414 will be transformed into a bone shaking “3-way” center channel speaker. For us, the twin 4″ woofers was plenty.

Cosmetically, there are some blemishes – a couple of knicksĀ and some paint scrapes here and there. They are not major and can be easily touched up if you choose to. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping. Mounting arm on the speakers will be left on. The cable you see sticking out on the back was previously hooked up to a multiroom amp. You don’t need to use this and wiring the speaker wires directly to its main speaker terminals will suffice. Local pickup from our store welcomed.