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The Krell Resolution 3 monitor speakers are without a doubt, true reference monitor speakers that will rival some far more expensive models like the Magico Mini and Focal Diablo Utopia. It shares some uncanny resemblance to the Magico with its curved cabinet, tapered rear end and outstanding fit and finish. But at five times more expensive, the Magico Mini takes the cake for first class quality, materials used and outstanding finish. So if you want the speaker that has the most expensive finish and probably cost of production, then the Magico is for you. But if you want the speaker that gives you the best sound to cost ratio, then there is only the Krell Resolution 3.

We are all familiar with Krell’s amplifiers and how they are always setting new standards in that category but here is where you owe it to yourself to listen to their speaker. The Resolution 3 are highly addictive speakers. From the moment it gets going, you just can’t hit the “stop” button on your system. It has a very involving sound, very quick transient response, nicely laid out soundstage, immaculate transparency and piercing depth. It makes the Focal Diablo Utopia sounded “slow” by comparison and the Magico Mini a little “hollow” in the imaging. Both these are the speakers are great in their own right but if you want a speaker that has no inhibitions running alongside speakers that costs four, five times more and yet keeps pace with them, than the Resolution 3 should be on your shortlist. Its $4,000 MSRP is a ridiculous bargain ($4,500 is including the matching speaker stands) considering what the other speakers sell for.

Cosmetically, the speakers are in great shape. Minor scuff marks here and there and a few small knicks but they are very minor. See pictures. Optional Krell speaker stands are included in the price and everything will be shipped in 3 boxes (not original boxes). Copy of manual and better quality jumpers from Zu Audio will also be included.