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The Resolution 2 speakers, for us, was the next best thing to the more expensive LAT series of speakers. Sure the LAT was much more impressive looking with its all aluminum body and massive built but as an audiophile, we don’t have that kind of dough to shell out. The Resolution 2 however is well within reach. It is an imposing looking speaker and is also heftily built with each speaker weighing almost 140lbs. The cherry finish is more room accommodating and has a “softer” presentation than the “industrial” looking LAT speakers. Like the LAT speakers, the Resolution 2 loves power, lots of power. Driving them with our Evolution 402e amp, the speakers threw out a huge soundstage with an astounding realism. Every note seems to be chiseled out as the signal passes through from the amp into the speakers. They attack music with lots of confidence and purpose. And for that, they need a good room size to really sound their best. With the right power, they will easily fill a room with music.

Cosmetically, they look really good. Minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. We have the original boxes, manuals and spike kit. An OEM set of jumpers will be included. These speakers will ship freight and strapped on to a pallet for safe arrival.