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These are the rarely seen 6-chassis Krell KRS reference preamp. Forget about remote controllable preamps. Owning the KRS is all about respecting them which is why you have to get off your couch to change anything on the preamp. Its like the KRS is telling you “all ye faithful, come to me for musical bliss”. They were absolutely designed with music purity in mind (no remote control circuitry to contaminate the signal). Listening to music through the KRS and of course a Krell amp is like transforming the music in your room to a live event. With the right pair speakers (and we are talking about having them BIG), you will be treated to a raucous experience of sound. Thunderous bass slam, richly textured mids and precise highs were the order of the day. The bigger the room, the bigger the speakers, the bigger the amps, the bigger the experience. Relative is irrelevant here. Its all about and only about large scale. That is where they shine. Of course, a medium size room and mid-tier electronics will still have them working wonders but isn’t that shortchanging them a little…?

Cosmetically, they look good. Some scuff marks here and there which are age appropriate. No dings or dents. They are complete with all necessary connecting cables between all six pieces. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack them into three boxes for extra security.