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These are the big, brutish looking Class A amps from Krell. At 8 ohms, they put out 160W of pure Class A. They double up to 320W in 4 ohms, 640W in 2 ohms and an astonishing 1280W in 1 ohm. Running them on a dedicated outlet is strongly suggested because they really draw a lot of “juice”. If you have a lightning appliance sharing the same electrical line, it can dim when the Krells are turned on. Such is the might and requirement of the Krells. The amps are capable of driving any speakers with ease. They have a lovely warm overtone, tremendous amount of bass impact and very sweet highs. When fully warmed up, they sound almost tube like but with a tighter rein over the bass section. The amps do get warm so leaving them on the floor is probably the wisest option (not a good idea to mount them on racks anyway given their mass). These amps were previously paired to the very rare 6-chassis Krell KRS preamp (also for sale in a separate listing).

Cosmetically, the amps look good for their age. At some point, the top plate was probably repainted. There are a few scuff marks here and there but that is common with gears of this vintage. Rear corner plate of one amp is slightly pushed in due to it being shipped ground. We don’t have the original boxes or manual (available online) but will securely box them and strap them on a pallet. Local pickup preferred but shipping can be arrange and they will have to go freight for it to arrive safely.