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There isn’t really much to say about these amps that you have notĀ heard or read about them in reviews and user feedback. They are simply reference level monoblocks that will just about drive any speakers. They start off at 450W in 8 ohm, double up to 900W in 4 ohm and an astonishing 1,800W in 2 ohms. Each monoblockĀ is a massive 98lb of pure audio muscle. No where is it more noticeable in the sound difference than using these amps to drive a pair of Magnepan MG20.1s. The Maggies are not easy speakers to drive but the Krell drove them without breaking a sweat. Bass was clearly tighter, more controlled and the mids were more robust with higher extensions on the highs. These amps were operating in a higher plane than our other resident amps. If you are looking for a used pair of monoblocks that didn’t cost more than $10,000, these should be on the top of list. There will be other brands and even some Krell models that will crowd this price range but if you want a starting power output of 450W, there are only a handful that will meet that spec and probably only the FPB-450MCx that will give you that audio completeness.

Cosmetically, the amps look good. Usual scuff marks from use but nothing major. Manual is available online. We have two Krell original boxes that were taken from the FPB-350MCx. They both use the same box size. Local pickup preferred but shipping can be arrange and they will have to go freight.