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The Superconductor, as the name suggests, is one heck of a conductor. Placing them between the amps and speakers in our store, you could almost sense the emptiness of space and distance between them. You don’t get a hint of resistance along the signal path and the amount of revelation is simply astonishing. Transparency is unlike anything we have ever heard off in a pair of sub $25,000 speaker cables and the bass is by far the most “bountiful” of any cable. And that is the thing that we cannot walk away from –  the transparency and the bass. We were just glued on our seats and trying all kinds of CDs and hearing things we never heard or miss with other lesser cables. Crystal Cables have pretty much the same sonic attributes but runs no where near the Superconductor for its bass strength. Kick drums were tight, fast and sharp. This is a reference level speaker cable at an almost bargain price point of $14,000. For this amount of money, you get a painstakingly hand built pair of cables, personally spec tested by the designer and alloys that are more dense than even high end power cords. Naturally, it has its weakness too – it is ruthlessly revealing and requires top notch components to pair it with. A high powered amp is strongly recommended and can make a difference in the way your system will sound with these cables.

Currently, only three pairs of Supercondutors exists in the World. Two pairs have gone to Audiophiles in Asia and this is the third pair. The cost and time to build a pair of these is astronomical so jump on the this pair before it is gone. Lifetime factory warranty comes with the cables and is transferrable.

KLEE Acoustics is the premier cable manufacturer based out in California and has been awarded patents for their cable designs.