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If you like your music orientation close to your ears and want that full range sound without all that clutter and annoying your family and neighbors, than this combo will make good your wish. We rarely carry any headphones to be honest so this opportunity to buy one from us is a rarity that may never be repeated soon. The combo you see here consists of the M-20 tube headphone amp and the H-02 electrostatic speakers. We had listened to them before at an audio show and walked away very impressed with the sound quality. With the headphones over ears and your eyes closed, the headphones did a terrific job in creating that holographic soundstage right “in front” of your closed eyes. Music was very detailed and being that it is being re-produced that close to you, every little trickle of music was captured through these headphones. By pairing the headphone to the M-20 tube headphone amp, a nice balance was achieved with the “sharp” nature of electrostatic balanced out with the warmth of tubes. We are very familiar with Grado headphones and these are way better.

Both the M-20 and the H-02 are brand new pieces that was never sold. They were static demo pieces and was never used. The outer packaging on the headphone has some wear but the seal looks intact. Headphone amp was powered up to make sure that all tubes are working fine and for the pictures you see here.

Tube complements are 4x 6P15, 2x 12AX7 and 1x 6V6.