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Here is a package deal not to be missed. For $995, you will be getting two flagship headphones from King Sound – the KS-H1 and their newer KS-H04 electrostatic headphones and the M-03 headphone amp. The KS-H1 has been replaced by the KS-H04 as the new flagship model. Both headphones and amp were former dealer display/demo units. The KS-H04 and M-03 package was a static display unit. We had both headphones and the amp tested for 5-10 mins and within that short time, you can tell these were incredible headphones. The KS-H04 had a lower bass extension (6Hz) than the former flagship (10Hz) but both flagship models sounded incredibly smooth (the KS-H04 hasn’t even been burnt in yet). The M-03 is a rechargeable headphone amp and just require a micro USB cable (the type that is used to charge Samsung/ LG etc phones) to charge it. Once it is fully charge, you can basically use it anywhere. There are two 3.5mm pins for audio in and audio out and a volume control. The KS-H04 has two different headphone cables so you can try using both and see if you prefer one over the other. Here are the retail prices;

  1. KS-H1: $650
  2. KS-H04: $900
  3. M-03 amp: $450

So for the price of just a little bit more than the KS-H04, you are getting another flagship headphone and an amp thrown in. Both headphones and amp are in great shape. ┬áThe KS-H1 is boxed in a M10 headphone box which is the same exact fit (they were meant to be sold together as a package deal). So what you will be getting in this package are – two flagship headphones, KS-H1 and KS-H04, two different headphone cables for the KS-H04, M-03 amp, 3.5mm cable and supplied case for the KS-H04 and a M10 box for the KS-H1. Everything will be securely packed for safe shipping.