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Many users consider the Kimber Select KS-3038 as the “Rolex” of speaker cables. Stunning levels of details exudes out from these cables when paired with a top notch system. The silver conductors in the cable was smooth with very little glare. If you notice, most buyers for the KS-3038 tend to opt for shorter lengths (some as short as 3ft) due to the amps (usually monoblocks at this level) being placed close to the speakers. This pair has a more “user friendly” 5ft length. Previous one owner had the cables ordered with WBT 0645 angled banana plugs on the ends that goes into the speakers. The WBT 0645 plug was chosen because he wanted to bi-wire his speakers which the plug allows. The ends that goes into the amps are WBT 0600 straight bananas.

There are of course more expensive speaker cables out there but for the sub-$10,000 category, the KS-3038 is an excellent choice. Cosmetically, the cables look good. Some scuff marks on the aluminum block on each end of the cable (very common) and bananas but nothing major. We don’t have the original packaging but will securely pack them for safe shipping.