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This was and still is one of the all great speakers from the Nineties. It was “ahead of its time” with the technological features found on the speakers and it was audibly evident when you listen to them. The mid-range was one of the best found on any speakers. It had the smooth, warm “British” sound and was commonly paired with Cyrus amplification and Audiolab. The speakers are not for all genre like electronic, heavy metal or rock but its perfect for jazz, classical and best when used for vocals. Speakers are current hungry so make sure your amp is 4 ohm capable. Bass is not particularly deep (which is why the KEF KUBE is offered as an add on option to add more bottom end) at 55 Hz. But these speakers are all about the upper mid-bass and the mids and sweet highs. Its more like a “premium” bookshelf speakers with extended bass. Very well integrated sound and nice holographic imaging. They really sound their best when the system is a simple quality setup. All it needs is a good CD player, a good integrated amp and a nice size room with the right positioning and the system will astound you with its level of quality.

Cosmetically, the speakers look good for its age. Some scuff marks here and there but nothing major. Grille covers are fine except for a slight white stain line running down on one. Three of the pegs are a bit loose which may need the occasional “tightening” to keep them in place.