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The Model 8T is a massive amp with tremendous amount of power and lightning fast pace. Music seems to get “accelerated” inside the amp before it goes out to your speakers. It has tremendous authority and control over the music it is reproducing. Compared to the almost similarly priced (at MSRP) Krell Evolution EV402e, the Jeff Rowland comes off as a ridiculous bargain now when it is under $4,000 now. Bass slam was slightly tighter than the Krell but has a swifter delivery in the mids and highs. Its “lower” 250W power output may be lesser than the Krell’s 400W but in a typical listening session, you won’t feel that the Jeff Rowland is “weaker”.  We have sold many Jeff Rowland amps before and not one has ever disappointed us. This particular Model 8T had its RCA disengaged (from what we were told by its previous owner) because he use (and believe in) XLRs only. So this amp is strictly for XLR input only.

Overall, the amp is in very good condition. Minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. We have the original flight case and due to its weight, will ship via freight only. Manual is available online. Local pickup is welcome.