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Let’s just cut the chase and go straight into the performance of these speakers (the 43 series and their multiple model lineup is too long a story…). These are big studio monitor speakers. And with these big studio monitors comes a “live” stage setting unlike any other speaker in this price point. Bass was thunderous when required through its 12″ driver and mids and highs were all aptly applied as it laid out the music in front of you. The speakers can be picky with the kind of amps used to pair them with. Lower quality ones tend to fail badly. But if you have a good quality amp (tube amps preferable) and a good source unit, you will have a blast listening to them. Go loud and the soundstage grows with it and likewise the imaging. Live recordings were outstanding through these speakers. Its like having a concert in your room! If some speakers make you yawn because they are just so smooth and jazzy, than this JBL will get you sitting up on your chair with its quick pace and pulsating response.

Cosmetically, the unit looks really good. Minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. Original box included. Speakers are shipped in two large boxes so shipping will not be cheap due to the dimensional weight. Actual weight of the speakers are about 40lbs. Heavy sturdy stands necessary to keep everything tight and precise.