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To fully enjoy the enveloping sound of a movie soundtrack, you don’t get any better than this pair of Infinity QPC-1 Quadrapole speakers. With four 3″ drivers mounted at a 30 degree angle, this is the best buy in surround speakers for under $100 now. Although spec as a full range surround speaker by the manufacturer, its more like a mid-range and up surround speaker with a frequency range of 80 Hz – 20,000 Hz. Injected molding cabinet obviously kept cost low but it does its job so that is fine since the drivers don’t go down very low and produce vibrations.  When placed strategically on the back wall, it does an effective job in producing a wide rear soundstage which made watching movies a more enhanced experience. What made them even better was when we hooked up a subwoofer (passive) to them and used them as a 2.1 rear surround speakers. With their wide soundstage and now improved bass levels, the surround experience was much improved.

Cosmetically, it is in fair condition. The plastic casing is prone to scratches which is common when such a material is used. A good and easy paint over will greatly enhance it. One of the speaker’s bottom edge grille cover has a small ding but is only noticeable when up close.  We don’t have the original box or manual but we know how to securely pack this for safe shipping.