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The DM68 is the more powerful version (225W vs 200W) ¬†between it and the DM58 (which was Stereophile’s Amplifier of the Year in 2002). Both the DM58 and DM68 was state of the art amps. Fanatically built with a sound quality that was beyond reproach. Both amps garnered so much “buzz” in the industry and reviewers alike that for a while, they were the only amps worth owning (if you could afford it). Listening to the DM68s, we found them to so clean (they have a remarkably super low distortion reading on their spec sheet) and transparent sounding, we didn’t even think we were listening to music coming out from a pair of amplifiers. It was like music direct out from our source unit to the speakers.¬†That is how remarkable they are. Comparing to a Levinson amp, the Halcro is a much cleaner sounding amp. Less “boomy” sounding in the bass/mid-bass and less colored in the mid-range. The Halcro was more surgically precise as it feeds the music into the speakers. These are truly reference amps with no equals at this price. At its original $38,000 MSRP, it was beyond affordability for most of us but at under $12,000 now, this is a bargain.

90-240V input means these amps can be used anywhere in the World! Cosmetically, the amps has minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. One of the wooden base panel has a bit of a scuff mark but its minor. These amps will be shipped on a pallet. We do not have the original crates but will include a copy of the manual.