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Eventus Audio is not a brand that rolls off an audiophile tongue as quickly as Wilson Audio, B&W etc but that is probably due to the lack of exposure in the market. Built quality and standard is as good as any reference brand out there and will rival the quality standard set by Wilson Audio. Just take a look at the pictures and you will see how finely crafted the speakers are. By the way, the uniquely shaped speaker is not just for aesthetic reason but actually has an impact on the way the speaker sound. Even the stands are contoured to match the shape to provide an extended “anchor” to the speakers as if they were floorstanders.

The quality of these speakers are not just cosmetic. They sound fabulous too! Punchy dynamics, over the top mids and pin point accurate highs distinguish them from the rest of the crowd. One thing you notice immediately is how quick they sound. They pounce on all kinds of music with ferocity and it was pretty obvious after awhile, they were designed to sound bigger than they were physically made out to be. Imaging was sharp and depth, although could have been deeper, was good enough to present one of the best soundstage from a pair of monitor speakers.

These speakers had one previous owner who mainly listened to jazz and vocals. It was his secondary system that comprised of an Audio Research VSi55 integrated and Marantz SA-7Si SACD/CD player. The logo on the right speaker (see picture) has some wear on the letters and a couple of marks on the speaker stand’s top plate. Nothing major. We have the original boxes for both the speakers and the stands. No grille covers.