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This is the range topping reference interconnect cable from ETI Eichmann. Although more famous for their bullet RCA plugs, ETI Eichmann has been making some pretty outlandishly good cables over the years. The Q Reference is one such cable. Lots of patented technology went into the making of this cable which you can read more on their website so we will leave that for your reading pleasure and just jump into how this cable sound.

In our system, the cables provided even more clarity than our Nordost cables which already provides more details than most other cables. On the outside, the cables look like any other ordinary cable but its the inside that draws a huge distinction from the rest of the field. Most notably, their proprietary GnC circiutry (which creates that bulge towards the end of the cables) is a big factor on how the cable sounded. Music flowed with uninhibited ease from the amps to the speakers. When paired with the Magnepan speakers, it sounded sharper and brighter. Mid-range was more transparent and bass was tight and punchy, making it sounded like it had cone bass drivers in there. With Focal’s Nova Utopias, it became a bit more lively and zesty. Overall, it worked very nicely with a range of speakers and had no negative impact on how they sounded. Our highest recommendation for it.

Some very minor scratch marks on the plastic boxes on each end of the cables but nothing major.. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping Cables had one previous owner in New Jersey.