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We are know the positive benefits of adding a super tweeter to a pair of speakers – enlarged soundstage, better imaging and a sharper dimensional sound. The Tannoy ST-50 was one such super tweeter that we have lots of admiration for until now. The ENIGMAcoustic Sopranino breaks new grounds with their super tweeter. This is the World’s First electrostatic super tweeter. And with it, comes a new approach in reproducing high frequencies. Its very well built and obviously built to a much higher standard than the Tannoy. The Sopranino was much smoother, better transparency and better high frequency resolution. We tried them on several speakers in our store and in each pairing, we heard better imaging, wider soundstage and a sharper sound.

Setting up the super tweeter is very easy. Crossover cutoff is at 8KHz, 10KHz and 12KHz via the control on the rear. So some experimentation is necessary with your speakers to find the sweet spot. The super tweeters are in great shape. A  few minor scuff marks but nothing major. Original wooden crate and manual are included.