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ELCO Audio Cables is a specialist cable manufacturer based out in Pennsylvania. If you don’t care much about paying for the branding exercise of a “branded” cable and just want something that is raw guts, then this pair of XLR cable from ELCO Audio Cable is definitely worth your consideration. It may gave a $320 price tag but it sure doesn’t look like one or even sound like one. In fact, you will be forgiven to even think that this was a $1,000 cable!

Constructed out of pure silver in a ribbon format, it has a nicely detailed sound that wasn’t too overly bright. It was sharp but non-fatiguing. We tried it between a CD player and preamp and preamp to poweramp and preferred the latter. Especially when the preamp or poweramp is tube based.

Highly recommended for those on a budget and wants to add a little more glitter to their system.