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This was one of the greatest pre-HDMI and under $10,000 AV preamp/processor that hit the market in the early part of the last decade. It had a first rate built quality, easy to use functions and a great sound – both in two channel and multi-channel mode. In fact, it sounded even smoother and less strenuous to the ear than the more expensive and reference standard Mark Levinson No.40 AV preamp/processor that we have in the store. Layout and setup was simple and straightforward. The only gripe we have is the output for the L and R channel comes in XLR only while the other channels are in RCAs. This would not be an issue if you use the supplied cable provided by EAD where the bus port is split into multiple line outs that are then terminated in RCAs. We have the supplied Arcam MIC, Marantz remote, cables and manual.

Cosmetically, the unit looks very good. Some minor scuff marks on the chrome finish face plate but nothing major. We have the matching Power Master 5200 multi-channel amp for a first class home theater amplification system that will only cost under $3,000!