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The Diatone 2S-3003 are rarely seen speakers (at least outside of Japan). They were not production pieces and every pair is built to order. These would have a selling price of $12,500 at our current exchange rate if you had wanted to order a pair now. These speakers are very large two way speakers. Although classified as floorstanders, they are big and stout and in our listening tests with them found them to sound better when mounted over 12″ stands. Bass was tighter and there was less diffraction off the ground.

The speakers have a sensitivity rating of 94dB and a nominal impedance of 8 ohms which suggests a low power amp would be sufficient to drive them but we found that they love power. And the more you give them, the better they sound. With the Pass Labs X350.5, the speakers seem to open up even more than when compared to a 25W EL34 tube amp. Dynamics became wider and the soundstage opened up with a deeper background.  The last time we had something this big was the PM MB2 speakers. The Diatone sounded warmer and less “aggressive” sounding. If you listen to lots of vocals, jazz and classical, these speakers will be perfect. With rock and electronic, the PMC has a slight edge. In terms of built quality, the Diatone is the better pair. Enclosure is a solid heavy piece with premium materials used. Each speaker weighs approximately 120lbs. Speaker connector on each speaker is a canon connector (a pair of original Canare speaker cables that comes with the speakers are included and they have the canon connector on one end and spades on the other) which does not hide its intention of being a professional audio speaker. Speaker has a 12″ woofer and a 2″ tweeter. Grille covers are fine with no holes or tears. They are heavy duty covers and are screwed into the speaker rather than using pegs.

Cosmetically, the speakers look good for its age. Some knicks and dents on the top and minor scuff marks elsewhere. One speaker has a patch up edge which the previous owner said was due to shipping. Doesn’t look that bad but its there.  These speakers have traveled a long way from Japan and anyone who knows about them will know that when they do come up for sale, they sell in the region of $6-7,500. Specialist Japanese speakers have become collector’s item because they really sound good and are rarely available outside Japan.