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If you are like me and had lusted for Denon’s POA-S1 monoblocks but just simply couldn’t afford it, this is their next best thing. Although it only has 1/5 the power of the POA-S1, you would barely notice the disparity in power unless you are giving the PMA-S1 and unfair whipping. What you would notice is how serene and smooth this integrated amp sounds. It is extremely neutral and almost uncolored in its presentation. So pair wisely in terms of your source unit and speakers and you would be well treated to a reference sounding setup without the clutter of most high end systems.

The PMA-S1 was never designed with remote control convenience as the designers felt that the extra circuitry in there would corrupt the audio signals and their goal of keeping it pure. For the audiophile, the sound of this unit would win your hearts over just like how it did with reviewers around the world as they lavish it with multiple awards.

We have the original box and although the unit has some light marks on the top cover, it is still in pretty good condition. This is a US 120V version.