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We affectionately call this subwoofer – “the supplementary subwoofer”. Supplementary because it is not going to fill a large room with big impactful bass that goes down deep and loud. We found it performing its best when used to fill/supplement the bottom end of your current speakers. If you want a subwoofer to be all drama, than you need something bigger. The SuperCube III is compact in size, gets down low and fills a small to medium size room with tight pounding bass. It may not be in the same league as JL Audio or Velodyne but for the price, you can’t fault it. The SuperCube III has a 650W amp on board with one 7.5″ long throw woofer and two 7.5″ infrasonic radiators.It gets down to 16Hz and except the loudest of volume (like all compact subwoofers except the more expensive ones), does a pretty good job delivering tight bass. So if you are not looking at getting this to throw an awesome party but want to hear and feel some deep end with your current speakers, than this will do it for under $200. However, if you manage to find another SuperCube III, using two of them will increase their performance exponentially. Cosmetically, the gloss black cabinet top and bottom has some minor knicks and scratches. The grille covers are fines with no tears or balling of the fabric. If you plan to place the subwoofer in a corner (the best way to maximize its performance) than you won’t notice its cosmetic issues. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping. Copy of manual included.