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The CLR-2002 is actually a very talented speaker. Designed for use as a center channel speaker or as stereo left and right speakers, the CLR-2002 impressed us with its robust sound. Bass was tight and deep (although not voluminous, they are using only 5.25 bass drivers) and mids and highs were detailed and precise. As a center channel speaker it was quite satisfying but when you crank up the volume, you will sense its limitation. Under a big screen, it was a bit short on lateral dimension but if you are not too overly aggressive on volume, you will appreciate its quality delivery. Which is why we would recommend getting two of this for stereo speakers. If you can find another for $150-$200, you will have a smashingly good “large” monitor speakers for under $300-$350 that will knock the socks of other sub$350 monitor speakers. By standing it, you will get anĀ ala “d’appolito” configured speaker setup (two woofers mounted with a tweeter in the middle) that is musically enjoyable as stereo speakers.

Cosmetically, the speaker look good. The end caps were previously painted over which are okay now but would look awesome with another coat of glossy black paintover. Socks looks fine with no tears that we were able to find. We do not have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping.