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If you are looking for a classy looking speaker that actually sounds good too, then look no further than the Motif LCR speakers we have here. They are not your typical “boxy” monitor speakers but rather, a very aesthetically pleasing “curvy” shaped pair of speakers. Mounted on their stands, they will look good anywhere in the room. If the twin 4″ drivers look familiar on each of the speaker, that’s because they cut from the same cloth from the drivers used on the Ikon and Mentor speakers. So no surprises than to their sound quality. Bass was naturally light due to its small drivers and lack of cabinet volume so a subwoofer may be required if you want to achieve a full range sound with the Motifs. On its own, it has a nicely proportioned mid-range and sweet highs. When not pushed over their limits (if you go really loud), they will work well with most small to medium size rooms. Materials used are first class which may explain their $1,300 MSRP. The only aspect we don’t like about the speakers are their binding posts which is basically a screw tap. It won’t take bananas or spades, just bare wire. And the way it is positioned on the back panel, you need to remove the speakers from the stands and the mounting bracket to access it. Once that is done, the speakers attached to the stands (where the speaker wires are screwed in) via their Click’n Connect feature. This was handy for quick changes if you want to mount the speakers horizontally (like when it is used as a center channel speaker).

Overall condition of the speakers are good with very minor scuff marks here and there. Nothing major. We don’t have the original boxes but will securely pack them for safe shipping. Copy of manual is included.