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This is the multi-functional speaker from the Mentor range which can be used as center speaker, surround speakers or even front stereo speakers. Since we only have one at this time, it can be used as a center channel speaker.

Soundwise, its a nice sounding speaker. Naturally, our quick comparison was with Totem’s Tribe III speaker that we have in the store. The Tribe III is a slightly longer and slimmer speaker. They go down a bit deeper (40Hz versus 45Hz) and has two woofers instead of one on the Dali (Dali has a larger woofer). If used as a center channel speaker, the Tribe III was the slightly better speaker. Dialogue was more expressive and scale was larger. But if you have a smaller screen size and don’t want to spend too much money, the Dali is better buy when you factor in the price. Quality of finish is not on the same level as the luxurious Totem Tribe III but if your main considerations are sound quality and price, the Dali should be on your consideration list. Of course if you want to bet on the dark horse, the Leon PR-404A speakers we also have for sale is your next best bet.

Cosmetically, these speaker is in fair condition. Some light scratches on the cabinet and a corner ding on one of the rear corner and a small dent on the edge. Grille cover is fine. We do not have the original box but will securely pack it for safe shipping.