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The Mentor series of speakers are the better range over the Ikon but priced more affordably than the Helicon range. The Mentor 6 is a fair size floorstander with excellent built quality and a very nice sound. Those who are familiar with Dynaudio will hear some similarities between the brands but the Mentor 6 outshines in the higher frequency spectrum with its ribbon/dome tweeter combination. Mid-range was smooth and not overly thick with the bass strongest at the upper bass region. It does go down to just under 40Hz but its not deep thumping bass like some other speakers. So don’t expect its fairly large speaker size to rock on with bass heavy rocksoundtracks. The speakers are easy to drive with a 6 ohm impedance and almost 90dB sensitivity. We have driven them with a 40W amp with no issues.

The pair you see here was a long running staple at a dealer’s sound room (which sort of testified its enduring sound quality) which unfortunately means that it has more scuff marks than usual. Its not all that bad but its there so don’t expect a perfectly finished speaker. They are mainly small knicks and scuff marks. Grille covers has some wear along the edges which will do nicely with a change but its fine now if you are not picky. And although all the pegs are present, the constant removing and reinserting back of the grille covers by customers means that it is a bit loose (but it stays on). Taking this cosmetic imperfection into consideration, we have priced the pair very affordably at under $1,500 for the pair. We don’t have the original boxes or spikes but will pack them very securely for safe shipping.