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This is an interesting cable. It is not an interconnect cable in itself but rather a “cable enhancer” for your current interconnect cables. It does not pass through signal on its own but rather what you do is, connect your current interconnect cables to the female RCA ends on each plug and have the male RCA end of the Crystal Cable plugged into your components. The Crystal Cable has a ground cable with a ultra high speed filter (>20GHz) built in that will filter “noise and distortion” from the interconnect cables that are hooked up between its female RCA plugs. This results in the signal becoming cleaner and thus present the music in a more dynamic response. We did hook up several mid-tier interconnect cables with varying improvements but with more expensive, higher end cables, the effect was more subtle. So if you have been thinking about upgrading your current interconnect cables but don’t want to spend thousands on the upgrade, this might be a viable option where you get to keep the current cable that you like and reap some improvements from it without spending a bomb. Crystal Cable has a patent pending for it.

Cosmetically, the cable is in great condition. Some minor scuff marks around the acrylic barrel that protects the termination link but nothing major. We have the original packaging and certificate of authenticity card.