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There is a certain magic with horn speakers and tube amplification. And the Single Horn Ben speakers you see here are one such speakers that remain harmoniously marry to a tube amp. With its 98dB sensitivity, it can be driven by low powered tube amplification like 300B, EL34, 6550 or any tube based amps. The speakers throws out an amazing soundstage with holographic imaging and detail. The Fostex T90A super tweeter definitely plays a part in the better definition on the top end than just having a single full range driver being responsible across the frequency range. A passive attenuator on the rear allows for some adjustment on the super tweeter to best suit your room acoustics and listening preference. The speakers are unlike other more conventional “big box” floorstanders. They have a well defined spatial presence and a refinement that only tubes (in our opinion) can bring out. The closest in terms of solid state will be Class A amps.

The speakers are in great condition. Some minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major and are mostly due to the natural condition of the wood finish. Speakers come with solid maple footers and are shipped in two large crates. Pickup is strongly encouraged.