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Here is where you can employ the SCM8 surround speakers in your home theater system and expand the enveloping sound of movie soundtracks around your listening position. By constructing them in a triangular shape and having drivers firing on each side, the SCM8 throws out a wider area of sound than your front firing only surround speakers. Application wise is a bit different because the SCM8 are usually placed on the side walls rather than the back wall. So if you already have back wall surround speakers, adding the SCM8 creates a more seamless sound travel from your front main speakers to your back wall surround speakers. This creates a larger field of surround sound around the listening position which makes the movie experience a whole different ball game. These speakers are a bit power hungry with 4 ohms impedance and is recommended with the use of an amp that can supply 50W or more. Sensitivity is 87dB with a frequency range of 105Hz – 25KHz.

The speakers in general looks really good. The grille covers are fine with no tears or snags but appears to have some spotty stains which may come off with some good brushing. The mounting bracket on one speaker was substituted from the original because the previous owner had them on stands and lost one of the brackets. But it works fine. We don’t have the original boxes but will pack them securely for safe shipping.