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These are a “small” pair of speakers with big lungs. Don’t underestimate its smallish physical size because when you mount them on sturdy stands and feed it with a good amplifier, this speaker will sing louder and bigger then what you would have expected from a speaker this size. It reproduced music with a very clean, transparent sound. The rated 55Hz bottom end sounded deeper when the speakers are placed near the back walls so some careful experimentation will be needed in your room. When pushed out into your room, imaging and depth is exemplary but the bass is weak. Moved it back towards the back wall, the bass improves but soundstage loses in depth. The mids were tight and articulate with the highs sharp and accurate. Definitely one of the better bang for the buck mini monitor speakers.

Cosmetically, the speakers are in good shape. Minor scuff marks here and there and minor dings in the corners and edges. See pictures. One speaker has two small “dimple” on the top face but barely noticeable when two feet or more away.¬†We do have the original box but will securely pack them for safe shipping.