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The ASW825 is not your typical square cube subwoofer. Its 21″ tall, 19″ deep and 14″ wide and packed right in the middle is a 12″ Rohacell cone driver and driven by a 1000W Class D amp. A light tap on the bass driver and you know this subwoofer means business. It goes down to 15Hz and crosses over at 140Hz. So this subwoofer is very easy to integrate with any speakers. Variety of controls on the rear helps fine tune it even further.

This was a former dealer demo unit in a home theater showroom. Some light scuff marks from being a demo piece but nothing major. Grille cover is missing a peg so the heavy grille cover can come loose somewhat. Just need to “thicken” the other three pegs with some tape and its good. We have the original box but will double box it for extra safety (its a real hefty piece). Manual is available online.