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Buying a pair of speakers from a hallmark brand like B&W is like buying shares of a blue chip company. You almost can never go wrong. And the 686 monitor speaker is another model that reinforces that assurance. Crystal clear sound and definition from what you would expect of speakers in the $1,000 category but yet, can be had for hundreds less with this 686. Bass was surprisingly forceful from its 5″ driver and “smallish” cabinet size. Compared to the Proac Tabelette and even the Spendor S3/5r, it has the same energy level with the more expensive Proac and slightly sharper definition over the Spendor. Mid-range is good but not as smooth as the Spendor. But for its price now, this is a bargain buy for some of its minor “shortcomings” when compared to these other more expensive monitor speakers. Google it for its many positive reviews!

Cosmetically, the speakers are in great shape. They have been well cared for and except for some minor scuff marks that are common with use, they are in very nice shape. Finish is cherry and will be shipped in their original box.