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If you had been eyeing the 686 monitor speakers that we were selling previously and missed the opportunity to own it, here is another chance to own something similar. The 683 is the floorstanding version of the 686 but with two additional 6.5 aluminum/paper/kevlar bass cones and a slightly bigger kevlar mid-range. Naturally, bass response is beefier with a low of 38Hz and mid-range was more weighty. Soundstaging was deeper and presentation was larger in scale. With the 686, you would need a heavy sturdy stand for them to sound their best. In the 683, being that it is a floorstander, you don’t need a pair stands and the worry of it being knocked off their stands like the 686. The extra cabinet volume was beneficial in larger rooms where it added some “oomph” to the bass.

Cosmetically, the speakers are in pretty good shape. They have been well cared for and except for some minor scuff marks and a couple of small knicks along the edges that are common with use, they are in very nice shape. Finish is black ash and will be shipped in two boxes. We don’t have the original boxes but will securely pack them for safe shipping.