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The Air Mass is a simple isolation platform that basically offers your audio gears the opportunity to “sit on air”. Via its air valve on the front, you can pump air into it where its internal air bag will gradually rise and thus separating its top platform from the base. The base itself has five footers for stabilization and once fully pumped, will isolate you audio gear with an air mass that is sandwiched between the boards. The top platform is 17″ wide and 14″deep so it won’t take the big preamps or CD players or even those that weigh over a ton. This is designed to enhance budget or mid-fi components and not reference level. We tried this under the North Star CD transport and DAC and had some nice result. Smaller turntables like those from Rega also benefited from sitting above the air suspension.

We have four available but price and listing is for one. Contact us for a package deal. There are some minor scuff/scratches on the platforms from the feet of previous audio gears who were sitting on them but nothing major.