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The Signature Sub 10 MKII, in our opinion, is a subwoofer that excelled more with music than with movies. Sure it does provide the deep bass and impact required as a home theater subwoofer but when used as a subwoofer to supplement the bass of a two channel system it was simply magical. It blended in very nicely with just about any speakers we paired it up with. With two 10″ drivers on its side, it prefers a center position in your room rather than a corner placement where it can sometimes draw all the bass notes into that direction. Inside cabinet placement is also not recommended as that would limit its “energy”. So with some clever placement of the sub and blending with your speakers, the sub would literally disappear and your speakers would appear to be producing a full range sound with a robust bottom end. Setup is very simple – the preouts from your preamp goes into the subwoofer and than its crossover will filter out the mids and highs where they then go out into your poweramp.

This subwoofer is a solid 9/10 condition. It would have been classified as new had it not been lightly used as a showroom demo. Spikes and rubber foots are included. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping. Finish is a gorgeous birds eye maple finish. The Signature Sub 10 MKII is another fantastic speaker from the Danish manufacturing giant.