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If we had two of this speaker, we would have sold them as alternative monitor speakers. And that’s because it is such a musical speaker that we didn’t even think of it as a center channel speaker after listening to it. Even the driver complement is more like what you see on a pair of monitor speakers and not the multiple driver setup you see in most center channel speakers. Bass was strong, punchy and tight with a very good mid-range coherency and detailed highs. Some center channel speakers tend to have very sharp sounding tweeters but the Signature 9 MKII had instead¬†a very sweet sounding demeanor (its silk dome tweeter is totall responsible for this). Like we mentioned before, if you played music through it, it would have put many monitor speakers to shame. That is how good it is. As a center channel speaker, it flowed with the soundtracks. Matching each pace with good results. Vocals were well presented and focused and only the most demanding soundtracks¬†where complex frequencies are at play together will you then see the slight weakness of the speaker. Otherwise, it is a very well balanced all rounder but in our opinion skewed a bit more for music listening.

This is a brand new center channel speaker. It was only taken out to have its pictures taken (to showcase its beautiful birds eye maple finish). Original box and manual included. This is a fairly large and hefty center channel speaker. Width is 54cm, depth is 27 cm and height is 30cm with a weight of about 50lbs. Built and finish is absolutely first class. You will not be disappoint with this speaker.